The services provided to you are universal no matter when you choose to enroll in the program however there may be some variances depending on whether your entire 16 weeks will be spent prenatally, postpartum or both. Here are some sample weeks that you may experience during the program:

Week 1: Program Introduction and Meet and Greet

Welcome packet and program overview documents.

Disclosures and signing agreements for program enrollment.

Going over some of the basic education and resource pieces (nutrition, insurance, etc.)

Week 3: Creating a Birth Plan

Discussing client’s options and desires for birth and creating a comprehensive birth plan per her hospital’s guidelines.

Week 5: Prenatal Lactation and Consulting

Checking client’s vitals (blood pressure and blood glucose as needed)

Discussing breastfeeding education and answering breastfeeding questions with a public health nurse

Week 7: Care Management Plan

Creating a healthy care management plan and discussing client’s health goals based on her specific needs in conjunction with her provider’s suggestions